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c.a. reding company services offered

You got a problem, we have a solution to help you. Check out the services we provide to businesses in the Central Valley. Click on the individual solution for expanded information that will help you make an educated decision to hire us. 

By managing your print requirements effectively, your business can save up to 30% on your total in-house printing costs. Understanding your print environment and reducing your expenses is what our Managed Print Services program was created to do. We can help streamline your business processes and measure your printing costs down to the page. 

2. Pure Office Water

Providing your office with pure water can get expensive quickly. Honestly, your water coolers with the jugs in the office are filthy and unhealthy. Our system doesn't use jugs, it's a straight shot from your existing water line. Fresh, unlimited water. 

Document management software systems can easily store, index, and allow secure access to documents that are in an electronic format. At C.A. Reding Company, we can provide you with an electronic document management system that provides reliability, security, and mobile user access methods, allowing you to eliminate paper based file storage systems and reclaim office space which will result in more productivity and efficiency. 

Document Routing involves the direct delivery of electronic documents within an organization. These systems differ from document management systems because their purpose is document delivery, not document storage or retrieval. The advantage of tying your document management system to your multifunction system is that the documents that are captured can be routed directly into electronic workflows or into your archive.