Import Paper-Based Information in Your Workflows

There has been a movement to incorporate new document capture technologies into businesses worldwide.  Why would you spend hours patiently keying in information from delivery tickets, sales orders and remittance stubs when you could automatically extract information from scanned documents?
How Data Capture Works 
Documents are scanned using a scanner or multifunction system and then utilizes the following technologies to read data from the document:

Zone OCR: Optical Character Recognition (OCR) converts scanned text into text that can be edited in common word applications and imported into a database.  Zone OCR reads text from a specific area of a document. 

Barcode Recognition:  Information can be read from barcodes on documents.  For example, the invoice number on your proof of delivery slips can be embedded in a barcode. When these slips are scanned, the capture software reads the barcode.

Automated Document Capture brings many benefits:

Faster Data Entry.  Instead of spending hours on manual data entry, pages can be scanned and data extracted in seconds. This speeds up your business processes, allowing you to deliver better customer service and employee satisfaction.
Lower Expenses.  An automated capture process requires less manual labor, allowing you to focus personnel on higher-value tasks.
Fewer Errors.  Extracted data can be validated against your existing customer database to ensure that it is correct.  Possible errors are routed to an exceptions folder where they are quickly proofed and processed.