Reclamation Isn’t Just About the Environment—Reclaim Your Office Space

With the emphasis on the environment and utilizing what you already have, many organizations are exploring new ways to reclaim wasted office space.  If you are looking for more space in your office, a great place to start may be with your filing cabinets. 

Where to Start - Average rent for an office space is $24 a square foot.  Using this average, a 20 x 20 filing room will cost $9,600 annually. If this space can be reclaimed for additional offices, the potential savings realized by not having to move or rent additional rooms are substantial. 

Say Good-bye to Paper Documents - Electronic document management technology enables paper files to be scanned to a secure network server. The paper files can then be sent to off-site storage or shredded, freeing up valuable office space. 

Are you Really Ready for a Big Move? - While everyone agrees expansion is good, why not see if you can optimize the efficiency of the office space you already possess? Bigger locations mean more costs and in some cases you might be able to scan paper documents into electronic files and avoid the hassle of moving. However, if you are already in the process of moving, now is a good time to consider electronic document management as you plan the layout of your new office.  Instead of file rooms, you can use your space for more productive purposes. 

Increased Productivity - With information scanned into an electronic document management system, authorized users can retrieve files from their computer desktops, rather than walking down the hall to the filing room.  Since files can be retrieved through multiple index fields, information can be found quickly, increasing overall productivity.

Additional Benefits - In addition to the extra space, an alectronic document management systems will provide your business with improved customer service, reduced amount of documents lost and enhanced privacy and security.


When you are ready to see the benifits from document management, give us a call to get started.