Use Color Multifunction Systems to Print Digital Photos

Digital cameras have become a necessity for businesses. They’re inexpensive, easy to use and create a message that cannot be expressed with words. Of course getting the pictures onto a marketing statement or proposal is another step that needs to be addressed. Businesses are now using color multifunction systems to print color digital photos at blazing speeds at a fraction of the cost of slow photo printers.  

Personal Photo Printers vs. Color Multifunction Systems (MFPs)

  • Personal photo printers are slower than MFPs taking multiple minutes to print a photo compared to an MFP’s speeds of up to 45 photos per minute.
  • Most personal printers do not allow you to print on letter-sized paper, limiting you to a 4 X 6 size. MFPs conveniently let you print high-resolution photos on normal 8.5 X 11 size paper.
  • Photo printer paper is expensive and cost per photo can be from 25 to 80 cents per page. MFPs can reduce that cost.
  • Using an MFP will let you add notations and comments to the image.  
  • Don’t clutter your desk with yet another printing device. MFPs will take care of all your printing needs as well as allow you to make copies of current photos.
  • MFPs will even let you scan photos directly to email. Utilizing a color multifunction system will save you money by performing all the duties of a commercial office copier and printer. As a networked device everyone in your office can share it and you don’t have the hassle of another printer on your desk with another set of costly supplies.


If you are looking for a MFP for your business and have any questions, contact us today.