How to Find the Right Wide Format Printer for You

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Wide format printing is currently making significant strides in the printing industry, moving from a fringe startup technology to a significant force in the market. Wide format printing is quickly becoming as commonplace in many industries as a desktop inkjet printer.

Scanner vs. MFP: How to Choose the Product You Need

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Most businesses can rely on the scanner on their multifunction printer (MFP). But for some companies, a standalone scanner can get the job done faster and more efficiently. If you're not sure what camp you fall into, we can help you make the right decision.

7 Reasons Document Management is Essential

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Our lives seem to be run on computers now, and yet many businesses are stuck in paper-based processes. Is your business keeping up with the times?

Why Document Management?

There may be financial, technical, and operational barriers preventing you from implementing an electronic document management system (EDMS), but there are advantages that trump the difficulties. Here's an overview of why an EDMS is an essential part of the 21st-century business.

The Two Most Common Workplace Issues

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You know from experience that employees make or break a company. Keeping an employee happy, productive, and satisfied in the workplace isn't an easy task, though, and sometimes both employee and employer don't realize the toxic environment of their office.

How Can You Use a Wide Format Printer?

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Today's wide format printers are a new generation of high-tech devices available at affordable prices. Advancements in technology over the past decade or so have made high-quality wide format printers easy to use and widely available. Instead of being a tool only for printing shops, wide format printers are now a staple in many offices.

Why is Printing Still Such a Big Deal?

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The digital world is evolving at a rapid rate, and social media grows exponentially every year. Businesses are moving toward online advertising plans that have been highly successful. So why is printing still such a big deal for businesses?

Printing is still important for companies because of the value in the printed page, as well as the cost-cutting benefits associated with print.

Our Partner Lexmark's New Look

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C.A. Reding's technology partner, Lexmark, has redesigned their brand and logo to reflect a new direction, path, and vision for the future.

Holding on to their long history of leading in imaging and output solutions, Lexmark has chosen a branding strategy that accurately reflects their evolution as a company. Since their acquisition of Perceptive Software in 2010, Lexmark has continued to integrate other software companies to expand offerings.

Frequently Asked Questions: Managed Print Services

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Many businesses are adopting managed print services as a cost-effective way to enhance productivity and root out inefficiencies. But other companies still have questions. How does it work? Can managed print services help organizations cut costs and reduce environmental impact? 

Find the answer to your question here:

Improve Customer Service with Document Management

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Today's businesses exist in a highly competitive market where quality, efficiency, and customer service have to be top-notch to rise above the fray. Information has to stay relevant and updated at all times and has to be available to customers at a moment's notice, especially in industries like financial services or insurance.

Did You Know Your Office Water Cooler Isn't Healthy

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Employers often invest in products and services that support their staff, boosting productivity and morale in the workplace. From trainings to office furniture, this kind of investment pays off in uncountable ways. But have you considered how dehydration may be impacting your employees?


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