What to Consider When Choosing a Document Management System

Congratulations on making the decision to upgrade your office to include a digital document management system. By utilizing this exciting technology, you can assure that your people will spend less time looking for paper copies of information, and more time taking your company to the next level. Here are two big things to look for when choosing the right system for your organization.

Go Paperless With a Document Management System

Going Paperless

At the heart of every successful business is data management. Being able to communicate and transfer information quickly and effectively is what drives action. That is why the benefits of document management are especially productive. A document management system creates a digital companywide location to store, transfer, and create documents.

We care about our community

With the holiday season in mind, it’s extremely important to use your success to help others. This is accomplished by giving back to the community—in any way and every way you can. It’s an act of selflessness. At C.A. Reding’s, we are an organization that cares about our community. We have been blessed to do business in the San Joaquin Valley for over 31 years. So we enjoy passing those blessings on to others. We support many great organizations whose main goal is to be selfless. These organizations are ones that make it their mission to help others in need.

Three Ways to Promote Workflow and Reduce Costs

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Business owners are always looking for more advanced ways at running their company. It’s a smart practice for business owners to find new cost-effective methods that promote productivity.

So how do you know what practices work best of you?

Below are a few of ways a company can promote workflow and reduce costs:

Benefits of Pure Office Water Solutions

water for the office equipment rental

As humans it’s no secret that we work a lot. The average person spends 90,000 hours at work in their lifetime.

So if the majority of the time people spend is at their workplace, why shouldn’t perks be involved?

Even the smallest of changes can reap the greatest rewards. As a business owner, it might be time to consider installing the best drinking water there is to offer, the water offered by C.A. Reding’s Pure Office Water Solutions.

Here are the benefits of Pure Office Water Solutions:

What is a Green Office Certification?

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Today, our society is finally beginning to realize the negative impact it’s making on the world.

Organizations are finding ways to help the environment by promoting eco-friendly practices.

This is an excellent step in the right direction. However, the term “going green” is a buzzword that’s been used a lot lately.

So how does one know that a business a truly serious about the environment? The answer is: Green Office Certification.

Disaster Recovery Covers Your Business

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Technology is great! No one can argue there! It has opened up so many new doors for home and businesses alike! But unfortunately hardware and software can break down and that wonderful technology that you love so much might have just cost you a fortune because it took your files and information and flushed them down a hypothetical drain. 

Go Green With Your Printing

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Every company desires to minimize costs and save money. But sometimes this is a challenging job to complete. There are many obstacles in the way of discovering areas of improvement. There is one area that is often overlooked by business owner. That area is printing. 
 In fact studies show that 90 percent of American companies are not aware of how much money they spend on a monthly or annual basis. Cutting printing costs is not only good for the organization, but also what is good for the natural environment. 

Print Management Helps You Manage Your Budget

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Price reduction and expenditure reports are often at the top of a business owner’s desk. The easy undeniable fact that a company must ensure that its income commonly outweigh its expenses to stay in existence is why cost reduction and overseeing spending is so important. Nevertheless businesses are not able to remain on top of these types of problems twenty-four hours a day. The truth is, with all of the other tasks and responsibilities to worry about sometimes certain costs are overlooked. 

Document Storage and Printing Accessed Through Managed Services

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If you work out of the office or telecommute to work, chances are you probably don’t spend a lot of time in the main office but there are certain things you will need to matter where you do business. In the office, on the set, or at the job site you will need access to documents, contracts, sales material, and maybe even a company printer.


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