Why Buy a Document Management System

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The Business World is a rapidly changing entity, and technology helps adapt to these changes quickly and will help a company keep its competitive advantage. Paper has always been an inefficient medium for conducting business processes, and recently has become a key focus for Business Process Improvement (BPI) initiatives. So what are the main reasons for a company or organization to move towards the paperless environment?
Below are the two main categories:

Operation Efficiency and Business Process Improvement

Who wears the pants in your business?

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I know that the philosophy is that if we are going to put anything on the network, IT needs to be involved. But, does IT really understand the business problem well enough to simply throw technology at it and hope the business problem goes away? I bet there are many out there who do. I bet there are even more out there that don't. I am an IT guy... I have an IT degree. My brother is an IT guy... significantly better at it than I am. I know how we think. But I am also a businessman... I have a business degree, too.

The Trouble with Ink Jets

My last couple blogs have been about the unseen costs of printing and the benefits of color. So how can you responsibly incorporate color printing into your business plan without running up costs?
1. Reduce Use of Ink Jet Printers

Get Dirty with Color

Studies have shown that as much as 60% of consumers decide to purchase a new product based on its color rather than quality, workmanship or price guarantee.
It makes sense then that color should be included within proposals and marketing statements.
Here are some practical ideas to include color in your proposals and improve your sales effectiveness.
Put the client’s logo on your proposal. Make sure the client’s logo is larger than your own.
Incorporate the client’s colors throughout the proposal. This keeps the document familiar.

What’s color got to do with it?

In today’s competitive business environment, it is critical to get the highest possible return from customer communications like invoices, proposals and marketing materials.
Recent research indicates that using color and graphics in written communication boosts interest, enhances retention, improves comprehension and persuades more easily.

MFPs and Network/Data Security

By Tristam Wallace
I wanted to pass along a link to a great article on MFPs and security in Computer Technology Review, written by Sharp's Vince Jannelli.  It is a very succinct and well-written summary of security concerns around  MFPs and I agree with nearly everything in it.
However, I want to address the following statement that Vince made in relation to platform virus security:

"A proprietary platform is idea, since it won't be susceptible to viruses designed to attack more popular operating systems available on personal computers."

Email Archiving

By Corey Smith
eWeek posted today a great article titled, How to Choose the Best E-mail Archiving Solution for Your Enterprise.

An increasing number of enterprises are investigating e-mail archiving solutions due to regulatory compliance, legal discovery and storage management issues. Understanding how to evaluate these e-mail archiving solutions is critical if you want to effectively address these business challenges.

Green Behind The Scenes at HP

From BLI

How Green is Your Printer?

By Corey Smith
With the financial challenges of current market conditions, being green can provide your organization with much needed fiscal relief. Being green can help you to save money.
There are more factors in being green in printing than you might think.
eWeek has published an interesting article on this very topic.

Here are some key areas that the eWeek article points out.


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