Multifunction Printers: The Forgotten Security Risk

"That networked multifunction printer sitting innocently in the corner of your office just might be the most significant entry point for hackers to hijack sensitive data from your business," warns an eWeek article today. "All the information that's being printed, scanned and faxed is susceptible to theft.

HP Cuts Color Printing Costs for SMBs, SOHOs

According to HP, the new color printers plus a larger line of specialty papers will let small businesses print professional-quality color documents for half the price of using an outside printer. "This gives SMBs better output, quality printers at an affordable cost," said Larry Trevarthen, worldwide director of marketing for HP SMB printers.

Paperless office: Myth or Reality?

So, what do you think about the paperless office? How are you handling it? Is it a reality where you work?

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Moving to greener pastures

Power savings for personal systems

In May, HP Power Manager will be available as a free option on select configurations of HP desktop PCs. With it, users can be personally invested in reducing energy by custom-tailoring their PC power settings and viewing the estimated savings in real-world ways — such as with a comparison with CO2 emissions of a typical mid-size car.

HP Goes Outside the Box to Save Print Dominance

So great is HP's lead in the inkjet MFP market, for example, that as of the third quarter of 2007 (the latest period for which data is available), it held a 51 percent share of the market, while its nearest competitor, Lexmark, had just a 20 percent market-share. The number three player, Canon, had just 9 percent of the market.

HP Marketing Success eBook Chapter 2

HP has released a new eBook for assisting companies with marketing. They are releasing a chapter per month and Chapter 2 has recently been released. You might find it interesting.

From the HP landing page:

HP Acquires E-discovery Software Firm

The company's signature Tower Trim Context software has become a widely used electronic discovery and compliance suite, and it already is integrated with HP's archiving hardware and software.
Electronic records management software has become a strategic tool for organizations due to increasing national and regional rules and regulations, such as the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, and the Data Protection and Freedom of Information Acts.

Three Steps to the Paperless Office

3. Print to PDF. It took a while, but PDF truly is a universal portable document format. And just attaching a Word doc to an e-mail is pretty universal too (although I have it on very good authority that there are still those among us stuck using Word 2002 and unable to natively read the latest Office formats). Send digital files whenever you can.

Security for your documents

Electronic data security has the same concerns. Bruce Schneier has an essay on Separating Data Ownership and Device Ownership. I think that whether or not you choose to have a paper-based or electronic based document management system, you should surely understand the difference between the two.


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Management may not understand IT Security

Corey Smith's Business and Technology Blog provides a common sense approach to every day business problems.


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