The End of the Paper Trail as We Know It


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Key Factors for ECM Project Success

There are so many technologies out there that are incredible, powerful, and just way too complex for any normal human. If it is too difficult to use, end users will not accept the technology, and inefficiency will result. The goal is to make the user interface as simple as possible, but have the necessary complexity behind the scenes to achieve your goals.

Cost Effective Color Printing

The use of color documents is continuing to rise in almost every industry. Therefore, you are probably looking for ways to reduce their color output costs. Fortunately, there are several smart ways that you can enjoy the benefits of color printing.
Tip 1: Avoid Ink Jet Printers
Color ink jet printers are often bundled with the purchase of a PC. Therefore, it is easy to accumulate them without actually purchasing them. Unfortunately, they are actually the most expensive color output devices to operate when running full-color documents longer than 1-2 pages.

Upgrade Your Systems for Cost Savings

Offices everywhere continue to explore how they can reduce their carbon footprint. However, many offices fail to realize that some of the biggest power consumers are copiers and printers.
With today’s multifunction systems, it is very easy to install a single machine that will print, copy, scan and fax. A typical workgroup consumes 481 kWh per month and costs over $600 per year to power. Now think about how many workgroups are in your company and see how more devices, may not always be better.

Step One Step Closer to a Paperless Office

Interactions with your clients generate a lot of paper work including consultations, office visits, contracts and invoices. In order to manage the vast amount of documents and information that inundates your office, it is imperative to have an innovative and efficient system that allows for easy storage and quick retrieval. With a document management system, you will be able to access all of your documents from the convenience of your computer’s desktop without sacrificing information security.

Utilize Data Capture to Minimize Cost and Errors

Keying in data off of business forms is often a very monotonous and time-consuming process. Plus, the more the processes are rushed, the more errors are made.
Fortunately, you can utilize your multifunction systems to automatically enter routine data. Data Capture software has the ability to read data from scanned documents and translate it into your business applications. It can also index the scanned documents for easy retrieval later on.

Increase Productivity with Multifunction Devices

There is no doubt most offices have taken advantage of the benefits of wireless internet. Without having to deal with cumbersome cables, employees are able to conduct their work throughout the office, increasing collaboration. Now you can increase the productivity of your business even more with multifunction devices with Wi-Fi connectivity. A wireless device allows documents to be printed from portable laptops, digital cameras or other devices within range.

Ten Things to Know About Data Security

The intellectual property of your business is vital to its continuing success. Therefore, it is important to ensure confidential documents are not susceptible to security breaches. Whether it is a computer virus or a disgruntled former employee, you need to ensure your information is safe from unauthorized viewers. Luckily, with document management systems, it is easy to integrate advanced security features into your current workflows. Electronic Document Management can help protect your documents and increase productivity.

Enhance Profits by Lowering Expenditure

As an enterprise, your aim can be quite definitive and straightforward. Ensure profits meet or exceed losses in any given cycle. The strategies by that your firm defines this goal may differ across a vast spectrum, but the objective appears to be exactly the same for an large bulk of enterprises. This particular accomplishment hardly ever comes effortless and is ordinarily a challenging job demanding the skillful sychronisation of various unit as well as personnel. The one thing that actually aids in maximizing revenue and driving down debts is cutting needless costs at your workplace.

Use Color for Impactful Proposals

A study conducted by the University of Minnesota found that the use of graphics increased the persuasiveness of a message by 47%. This is due to the fact that color graphics help people learn faster and then retain what they learned. Therefore, it is a very logical step to send out proposals and marketing materials in color.
When using color, it is crucial to use it effectively. If the graphics are related to your message then it will actually become more of a distraction than a teaching aid.
Here are some ideas to consider when creating a color proposal:


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