Securing the Multifunctional Device

While I think that this statement is a little sensational, I think that there are some underlying issues that need to be addressed. Fortunately, there are a few simple things that can be done. He lists three ways to ensure security of your mfp. Here are the two that I think that you can do right now that are simple and any network admin can do this.

Lock down and control access to the system
Apply patches on a schedule

Who wears the pants in your business?

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I know that the philosophy is that if we are going to put anything on the network, IT needs to be involved. But, does IT really understand the business problem well enough to simply throw technology at it and hope the business problem goes away? I bet there are many out there who do. I bet there are even more out there that don't. I am an IT guy... I have an IT degree. My brother is an IT guy... significantly better at it than I am. I know how we think. But I am also a businessman... I have a business degree, too.

The Best Reasons to Optimize Your Document Processes

The way that a business handles their documents can speak greatly to their overall efficiency. Increasing efficiency in your business should be one of the primary goals you are always working towards, as a more efficient office will bring numerous rewards. One of the main ways that businesses are discovering they can optimize their current processes is by implementing a modernized, digital document management system. This gives businesses a number of benefits, including:

Exploring the Rapid Growth of Document Management

An office without papers is very appealing in theory. However, in today’s world it isn’t really plausible. Paper is too ingrained into our business plans to get rid of it all together. However, it is possible start transitioning to a more digital filing system.

Document Management Provides Cost Savings

Printing costs for a company can be expensive. When asked to evaluate printing costs, most people immediately think of the cost of an ink jet or laser printer cartridge. While cartridges definitely add to the overall printing costs, the total cost is much more than just printing supplies.
When evaluating printing costs, you must include hardware, service, IT support, vendor management, supply inventories and logistics. Much of this is hard to track, which is why we offer to manage your print services.

Free Up Office Space with Multifunction Devices

Not long ago, cellular phones were simply used for phone calls. However, today we can e-mail, text, surf the internet, take pictures, and even watch movies on our cell phones. It is very clear that we expect a single device to do more than just one task. This should not be any different in the workplace.

Cost Effective Color Printing

The use of color documents is continuing to rise in almost every industry. Therefore, you are probably looking for ways to reduce their color output costs. Fortunately, there are several smart ways that you can enjoy the benefits of color printing.
Tip 1: Avoid Ink Jet Printers
Color ink jet printers are often bundled with the purchase of a PC. Therefore, it is easy to accumulate them without actually purchasing them. Unfortunately, they are actually the most expensive color output devices to operate when running full-color documents longer than 1-2 pages.

Develop and Manage your Company Appropriately

Wonderful news! Your quarterly statement just came back and the numbers are up--way up. In truth, the figures are performing so nicely, that it may possibly have become a minor predicament. Like many small organization owners, you didn't really expect to have the amount of progress you just experienced in a brief, three-month period. Now, you currently have requests coming from Europe that you have no idea how you're going to fill them!

Upgrade Your Systems for Cost Savings

Offices everywhere continue to explore how they can reduce their carbon footprint. However, many offices fail to realize that some of the biggest power consumers are copiers and printers.
With today’s multifunction systems, it is very easy to install a single machine that will print, copy, scan and fax. A typical workgroup consumes 481 kWh per month and costs over $600 per year to power. Now think about how many workgroups are in your company and see how more devices, may not always be better.

The Trouble with Ink Jets

My last couple blogs have been about the unseen costs of printing and the benefits of color. So how can you responsibly incorporate color printing into your business plan without running up costs?
1. Reduce Use of Ink Jet Printers


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