Managed Print: Good Business in Practice

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There are a few different views on what good business looks like when it comes to budgets. Some believe that saving wherever possible is the only way to go. Surely if you can stop from spending, you'll automatically have a higher profit! This seems intuitive to some, but others have seen the benefits of investment in their own business and watched it grow. Managed print services bridges the gap between investment and savings, making it a good business move no matter where you fall in opinions. How does it bridge this gap?

Not Your Typical Interview: Fresno Fuego on flopping & more!

fresno soccer 2016 interview

Do you think soccer players who blantely flop on the field be penalized with a yellow card? Is Fresno Fuego FC captain Milton Blanco coming back for another season? 

With a historic 2011 Conference Finals appearance and a 2013 Conference Semifinals birth, you better believe pro soccer in Fresno is here to stay at Chukchansi Park!  

Lanier: High Volume Performance MFPs

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It's a decent sized, long term choice when you pick your office's next multifunctional device. You obviously want the basics: printing, copying, scanning and faxing. But what additional features do you need? What extra functionality would your office enjoy access to on a daily basis?

Two Frequently Asked Questions About Document Management

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Below are the answers to two common questions business owners and managers ask about Document Management. Read on to find out if they help answer the questions that are on your mind as well.

1. Can Our Company Afford Document Management Services?

Perhaps a better question is this: Can you afford not to partner with a Document Management Services provider?

Don't Waste Your Money on Low-End Copiers and Printers

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As a small or medium business owner, you do everything you can to keep costs down. You compare prices to get the best deals, and you eliminate waste in every area.

Speaking of waste, did you know that low-end copiers and printers can be a significant source of wasteful spending? Their low sticker prices may be tempting, but their comparatively high cost of ownership soon brings on a bad case of buyer's remorse.

Low-End Copiers—A Closer Look

Don't be fooled by gimmicky sales pitches and off-the-shelf convenience. Here are just three reasons why.

Doggin Fresno: Dog Friendly Restaurants, Hotels and Parks!

dog friendly places in fresno

Make no bones about it: You pamper your pet. This guide will help you plan out daytime fun with your dogs.  This ultimate list includes dog-friendly hotels and restaurants near you with outdoor patio dining where your dog is welcome. Coupled with this guide, includes dog-friendly parks for some fun in the sun! 

I hope you spend less time researching and more time actually going places with your dog. Enjoy your dog-friendly moments!

Are Your Printers Being A Pain? Here's Your Medication.

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Your imaging devices were designed to be valuable partners, helping you meet your goals by improving workplace productivity. If that's not what's going on in your office, perhaps it's not your printers and copiers, but a lack of management that's the real source of the problem. An unmanaged print infrastructure can cause several unexpected and costly problems. 

Why Buy Office Equipment From an Authorized Dealer?

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Your office equipment drives your business processes. When it isn't up to par, productivity suffers.

If you're in the market for some new office equipment technology, you may be wondering if it's worth taking a look at some of the devices offered by big box discount stores. Here's an assessment to help you make the right decision.

The Discount Store Experience

With attractive sticker prices and convenient, off-the-shelf availability, big box office supply stores are a tempting option. But before you say yes to the latest promotion, here's what you should know:

These Fresno Events for June 2016 You Must Go

clovis events rock the mall 2016

Rounding up the best local events in Fresno for this week. From a free concert, beauty pageant  to our fury friends - this week will be an all around awesome vibe. In no particular order, here we go. 

Provide Superior Customer Service With Document Management

Document Management

Businesses who fail to seek out innovative methods to serve tech-savvy customers may be in for a rude awakening. Companies who cling to slow paper-based processes may be unwittingly sending their customers to competitors who've willingly embraced digital processes.


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