Use Color Multifunction Systems to Print Digital Photos

Digital cameras have become a necessity for businesses. They’re inexpensive, easy to use and create a message that cannot be expressed with words. Of course getting the pictures onto a marketing statement or proposal is another step that needs to be addressed. Businesses are now using color multifunction systems to print color digital photos at blazing speeds at a fraction of the cost of slow photo printers.  

Personal Photo Printers vs. Color Multifunction Systems (MFPs)

Documents Manage 6% of Your Budget

Document costs increase every year thanks to the growing volume of information. These costs include everything from printing and copying to the infrastructure needed to store and retrieve critical information.
Recent research by InfoTrends found that overall expenditures on documents were 6% of annual revenues.
Fortunately there are several practical strategies for medium and small businesses you can employ to reduce your document costs:
Multifunction Systems

Why Document Management Growth is Exploding

For over thirty years we’ve been moving towards the lofty goal of the paperless office. But as the volume of computer data grows, so too does our paper usage. Fortunately there seems to be a valid movement toward cutting back on our paper usage with Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS). This system allows you to scan all your paper documents to create a searchable and secure filing system.


There are several trends are driving the rapid adoption of this technology:

Streamline Your Business Processes to Improve Productivity and Profit

Are you looking for ways to improve and streamline your business processes? A great place to start is to evaluate your current business practices.
A business process is a structured series of steps that produces a repeated outcome. Accounts receivable—what happens from the time you generate an invoice until you get paid—is the most common business process. These paper and digital documents are the vehicles by which information flows through your business regardless of what industry you are in.
Technology will improve your business and streamline the flow of information to:

Practical Steps to Enhance Information Security

ca reding company software solutions

  When one thinks about threats to organizational security, the words hackers and computer viruses come to mind. In this world of network attacks, printers, copiers and fax machines are easy to overlook. These systems can store trade secrets, financial and medical information, and valuable information like customer lists or pricing schedules. Loss of this information could be devastating. The good news is that there are practical steps you can take to improve the security of your printers and copiers.

bizhub PRO C65hc Receives EDP Award for Brilliance in Digital Color

Ramsey, N.J. – July 27, 2009 – Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc.

Import Paper-Based Information in Your Workflows

There has been a movement to incorporate new document capture technologies into businesses worldwide.  Why would you spend hours patiently keying in information from delivery tickets, sales orders and remittance stubs when you could automatically extract information from scanned documents?
How Data Capture Works 
Documents are scanned using a scanner or multifunction system and then utilizes the following technologies to read data from the document:

Scan your Documents to Email

Scan to email is one of the most convenient forms of scanning today and can provide the greatest efficiency improvement in any organization.  Your customers are progressively expecting to receive documentation via email. You can effectively meet this critical business requirement through the use of devices like multifunction systems (MFPs).
MFPs feature high speed scanning that allows documents to be converted to common digital formats like PDF, .jpeg or .tiff formats.  These files can be sent to email addresses  or directed to a network folder.

You Don’t Have to Change your Software to send Invoices by Email

Has your business upgraded electronic invoices yet?  Send your invoices by email instead of mailing them and get faster delivery, shorter collection times and reduced printing and postage costs.  Best yet, technology exists where you won’t have to change your existing accounting software to send your invoices by email.
Automatically Generate Your Invoices

Are you using barcodes yet?

Since the 1960’s, barcode technology has been used in business industries including the identification of railroad cars.  Today you can use the same barcode technology grocery stores and inventory systems do to streamline your business processes like invoicing and collection.
Barcodes allow critical business information to be processed quickly and accurately. 


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