I have that...somewhere.

Nothing is more frustrating then misplacing something and it always seems to happen when you are in a hurry and crunched for time. You remember seeing it somewhere, but now it’s gone! It’s usually in this spot, or worse you have no idea where the lost item may be. To top the stress of missing something, now you have potentually stalled workflow in the office if its a technical dociment for your MFP, printer or copier.The good news is C.A. Reding can actually help with this problem and it’s free!

Import old Blogs

Import old Blogs

Print Hasn’t Died, It’s Going Green!

As technology continues to develop, businesses have the opportunity of operating almost paper free! Today’s employees can conduct multiple tasks online and share documents using electronic files and cloud services. Several companies offer the option to receive billing statement via email while also encouraging customers to pay their bills online. This change in technology has made great headway in reducing waste and cutting back on printing but print is not dead!

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has provided the following facts from 2012 survey of paper use in America:

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