How Managed Print Can Help Law Firms Reduce Costs

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Perhaps no other business is as document intensive as the legal industry. Added to the sheer volume of printed documents are unique requirements like case and client tracking. Without a carefully managed print environment, document printing can consume as much as 3% of your law firm's total annual revenues.

Is Your Office Equipment a Security Threat?

Office Equipment

Your company has done everything possible to protect your desktop computers from outside threats, and for years, that was enough to keep your data safe. But things have changed.

Ever-changing threats to your confidential data means you need to do more to protect what belongs to you. From BYOD-related issues to cloud technology, it's not enough to have virus protection on your computers.

Advances in technology have brought new opportunities for business growth, but they've also brought new vulnerabilities that business owners need to address.

Ramp Up Customer Service with a Document Management Strategy

Document Management

Did you know that an effective Document Management strategy is key to improving your customer relationships? When companies waste too much time frantically searching for critical documents, they risk losing customer confidence.

Here's what's at risk and what your business can do about it.

Get More From Your Copiers with Managed Print Services

Get More From your Copiers with Managed Print Services

Most businesses look at printing as a necessary cost, and one they can do little to change. If you look no further than the price of paper and toner, you may not be concerned enough to do much, if anything, to reduce those costs.

Your Real Costs

The true cost of printing encompasses more than just the direct expenses of paper and toner cartridges. In fact, an unmanaged print environment could consume as much as 3% of your organization's annual revenues. For most companies, that's a cost they'd like to see come down.

Four Ways Managed Print Delivers New Efficiencies

Should your organization make the choice to enter into a Managed Print Services partnership? Here are four reasons why companies just like yours are saying yes to Managed Print.

12 'Top' Fresno Golf Courses For You To Play On

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There is plenty of great golf played in Fresno, CA which is why you will enjoy this ultimate list of public and private golf courses near you. This guide contains pricing, tee times and tips for each golf course. Check it out below. 

The Case for Regular Office Equipment Maintenance

At C.A. Reding, we understand how important it is to keep your office equipment in top working condition. While there's no good time for downtime, maintaining a regular maintenance schedule for your office equipment can do a lot to minimize its impact.

Read on to discover how preventative maintenance can keep your workflows moving ahead smoothly.

The Solution for Less Paper

It should be here by now, and there's no doubt we have the capability. Nonetheless, the paperless office not only continues to elude American businesses, but we're also using paper more than ever before.

How's That Again?

Whether it's easy to access printers or just absent-mindedness, we're not doing a superb job of thinking before we hit PRINT. Consider these astonishing statistics:

Should You Lease or Buy Your Copiers?

There's no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of whether your company should lease or buy its copiers. The best way to determine the right fit for your needs is to evaluate the advantages of both options.

Advantages to Leasing

There's no question that leasing provides some appealing advantages, which is no doubt why it remains the most attractive option for businesses of all types and sizes.

Slash Your Printing Costs with Managed Print Services

managed print

You've eliminated inefficiencies across your organization, but operating costs are still higher than you'd like.

One area that many companies overlook is their print environment. To find out if yours is bloated and a source of cost overruns, read on.

A Proven Solution

Did you know that many companies spend up to 3% of annual revenues on print-related costs without even realizing it? With no mechanism in place to keep track of expenses and no one person or department to manage everything, it's easy for costs to remain hidden.


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