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Tips To Prevent Office Theft

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Borrowing, lending or sneaking. Call it what you will it’s still stealing! A 2013 AOL Job survey showed 43% of people admitted to taking things from work to keep for personal use and 8% of people claimed to have stolen items valued over $50. Taking a notepad or ink cartridge from work is still considered stealing. If the object you are taking is company property and you knowingly take it for personal use, you have just committed larceny. Taking an employees sandwich might start an argument but taking valuables from the office will get you terminated and possibly arrested.

Maximize the Effectiveness of your Workflow

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No matter if your company is well established, or your business is just starting out, finding out how data and procedures travel through your enterprise is crucial.

Called workflow, the actual approach you adopt to finish an activity ought to be as productive as possible.

Saving Paper is Easier Than You Think

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There are many ways that a workplace can pool together its means and come up with approaches to save cash.

Having everyone on the same page in terms of objectives and ideas for the future can help in finding new suggestions started.

One idea that can often be neglected and a fantastic way to spend less is the notion of conserving paper. Paper consumption is unavoidable in an company.

What's not expected, however, is actually paper waste.

Controlling Document Overload

When you have one or more groups in an enterprise, utilizing a document management system will provide storage, easy access and control of large information caches. As workgroups grow larger, the data in the system continues to grow with it. In document management systems, different sets of data are stored in different styles and fonts. Document management solution companies work on systems so anyone within a workgroup can access information. Good document management software is judged by the accuracy, simplicity and availability of the information access methods.

Exposed: The Low Cost of Today’s Document Management

Any business whether it’s healthcare facilities, legal firms, financial services or educational institutions, has to deal with an inordinate amount of documents.  When digging through a dusty file cabinet for a case study or client information, at the back of any file clerk or assistant’s mind is the question “Isn’t there a better way?”.

How EDMS Will Keep Your Customers Coming Back For More

Customer relations are an integral part to any company.  Without customers you don’t have a business. No matter what industry you are in, you need to access information quickly.  It’s a key factor in determining your quality of customer service interaction.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if hold or call-back time was reduced or even eliminated? You can answer frequently asked customer questions easily and efficiently and lower costs with the use of electronic document management systems technology.


Provide Your Customers with Better Service

Use Color Multifunction Systems to Print Digital Photos

Digital cameras have become a necessity for businesses. They’re inexpensive, easy to use and create a message that cannot be expressed with words. Of course getting the pictures onto a marketing statement or proposal is another step that needs to be addressed. Businesses are now using color multifunction systems to print color digital photos at blazing speeds at a fraction of the cost of slow photo printers.  

Personal Photo Printers vs. Color Multifunction Systems (MFPs)

There’s a reason why everyone else is doing it.

Some people may ask why most businesses are beginning to implement an electronic document management system when hard copy documents have driven businesses for years?  These electronic systems provide searchable access to scanned information, create a disaster recovery plan and ensure government regulatory compliance.  All these things enable better business decisions and smoother customer service interactions. 

Reclamation Isn’t Just About the Environment—Reclaim Your Office Space

With the emphasis on the environment and utilizing what you already have, many organizations are exploring new ways to reclaim wasted office space.  If you are looking for more space in your office, a great place to start may be with your filing cabinets. 

Where to Start - Average rent for an office space is $24 a square foot.  Using this average, a 20 x 20 filing room will cost $9,600 annually. If this space can be reclaimed for additional offices, the potential savings realized by not having to move or rent additional rooms are substantial. 

Moving to greener pastures

Power savings for personal systems

In May, HP Power Manager will be available as a free option on select configurations of HP desktop PCs. With it, users can be personally invested in reducing energy by custom-tailoring their PC power settings and viewing the estimated savings in real-world ways — such as with a comparison with CO2 emissions of a typical mid-size car.


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