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Key Factors for ECM Project Success

There are so many technologies out there that are incredible, powerful, and just way too complex for any normal human. If it is too difficult to use, end users will not accept the technology, and inefficiency will result. The goal is to make the user interface as simple as possible, but have the necessary complexity behind the scenes to achieve your goals.

How Green is Your Printer?

By Corey Smith
With the financial challenges of current market conditions, being green can provide your organization with much needed fiscal relief. Being green can help you to save money.
There are more factors in being green in printing than you might think.
eWeek has published an interesting article on this very topic.

Here are some key areas that the eWeek article points out.

Documents Manage 6% of Your Budget

Document costs increase every year thanks to the growing volume of information. These costs include everything from printing and copying to the infrastructure needed to store and retrieve critical information.
Recent research by InfoTrends found that overall expenditures on documents were 6% of annual revenues.
Fortunately there are several practical strategies for medium and small businesses you can employ to reduce your document costs:
Multifunction Systems

Streamline Your Business Processes to Improve Productivity and Profit

Are you looking for ways to improve and streamline your business processes? A great place to start is to evaluate your current business practices.
A business process is a structured series of steps that produces a repeated outcome. Accounts receivable—what happens from the time you generate an invoice until you get paid—is the most common business process. These paper and digital documents are the vehicles by which information flows through your business regardless of what industry you are in.
Technology will improve your business and streamline the flow of information to:

Import Paper-Based Information in Your Workflows

There has been a movement to incorporate new document capture technologies into businesses worldwide.  Why would you spend hours patiently keying in information from delivery tickets, sales orders and remittance stubs when you could automatically extract information from scanned documents?
How Data Capture Works 
Documents are scanned using a scanner or multifunction system and then utilizes the following technologies to read data from the document:

It’s Not Only Humans Who Have A Net Worth

I was recently browsing the internet when I came across a website claiming it could tell me exactly how much my life was worth as a human being.  Intrigued, I filled out a survey that asked questions about my physical, mental, lifestyle and personality factors.  Once completed it broke down every aspect of my answers and gave me an exact number of my life’s worth—$2,327,896 to be exact. 

Don’t Let Paper Have the Last Laugh

In 1975 a Business Week article discussed how the personal computer revolution would ultimately lead to a paperless office.  In 2009, thirty-four years later, the information contained in paper form has changed, but businesses are increasingly inundated with paper records.
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports:
· The average office worker goes through 10,000 sheets of copy paper a year.
· Each employee in a typical business office generates 1.5 lbs of waste paper per day.

Digital Document Storage Reduces Costs

The average office worker spends up to half of their workday searching for simple information! No wonder it’s hard to increase production. A digital document storage system will not only increase worker productivity, but also reduce company costs.

Why NOT Color?

Color helps you communicate more effectively with your customers, and it also helps you communicate more effectively internally.
Color Improves Customer Communication
Did you know that color invoices get paid faster, reducing collection time? Color marketing materials and proposals command attention. Color newsletters and publications keep your clients informed of your new offerings.
Color Improves Internal Communication

Color Printing, Get Noticed, Get Remembered

Did you know that color is one of the easiest ways to increase sales?
Research indicates that using color and graphics increases interest, retention, and improves comprehension.
The facts:

Color improves comprehension by 75%
Color increases retention 40%
Color accelerates learning by 20%1


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