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Get those Workflows Effective and In Control

Every company, large and small, has workflows that make up how a specific function is conducted each and every time it must be carried out.
The start, middle, as well as the conclusion of the process tend to be no doubt essential, but can there be improvements made on the process itself?
That is exactly where we come in as productivity professionals. We discover issues within workflows and look to assist curb inefficient habits.

Natural disaster Retrieval Created for your Business

The very last thing that should occur to your company is a disaster. The fact is that, a disaster can affect anywhere within the country, not only disaster vulnerable regions. Virtually no business in protected from the devastating results of fire, and recovery from devastation can feel nearly impossible.
For this reason we offer disaster recovery choices for the data which makes your company work. We like to imagine that a business is much more than a brick and mortar place.

Be Prepared for Disaster

If you are a business owner then one of the very vital steps you can take for your enterprise is to be prepared for whatever possibilities may come your way. There are numerous disasters that may happen and destroy all the documents and data in your business office.
Natural disaster like:


Put into practice Document Management in your Business

Many things that organizations formerly did on paper at the moment are done in electronic format.
Many of these items include: mail, invites, brochures, and maps. Additionally it is critical to note a large number of traditional filing systems are now being replaced by digital variants.
Electronic file storage accounts for a lot of what is being carried out to avoid destruction following a catastrophe or the losing of information. Paperwork used to be kept in a file cabinet; they are now getting backed up on a computer through record management solutions.

Great things about Multi Function Printers

A Multifunction Printer (MFP) is a piece of office equipment that combines a printer, a copier, a scanner and fax into one, easy-to-use device.
Working within a competitive atmosphere, your office has a dependence on printing along with the need for scanning and faxing.
Choosing a way to integrate these elements into one, effortless solution used to be quite the task. An MFP allows you to do all this from one appliance rather than printing a document then wandering over to the fax machine to scan it then fax it.

Print Hasn’t Died, It’s Going Green!

As technology continues to develop, businesses have the opportunity of operating almost paper free! Today’s employees can conduct multiple tasks online and share documents using electronic files and cloud services. Several companies offer the option to receive billing statement via email while also encouraging customers to pay their bills online. This change in technology has made great headway in reducing waste and cutting back on printing but print is not dead!

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has provided the following facts from 2012 survey of paper use in America:


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