Your Pure Office Water Solution

office water solution in fresno

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C.A. Reding Company’s Pure Office Water Solutions can assist you in providing pure drinking water systems in your office or place of business. Servicing Fresno County, our Office Water System is a bottleless water filteration system that employs a four stage filtration process that uses Reverse Osmosis to create pure, clean drinking water from ordinary tap water.  

Ditch the bottles, gain the benefits

Bulk, bottled water delivery is a really inconvenience and challenging service to deal with. Changing to our bottle free cooler will simplify daily life for your employees and give you peace of mind.

  • No more dealing with heavy bottles, storage and delivery people
  • No more injuries and spills from lifting heavy water jugs
  • Fewer out-of-work days for employees sickened by unsanitary coolers
  • Reduce the negative impact on the environment with less plastic in landfills, less plastic in the water and elimination of water transportation cost

Why plastic water coolers are dirty: