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Architecture, Engineering, and Construction organizations trust us with their technology needs.

A strong foundation is crucial for a building to stand tall. An even sturdier one – made of cutting-edge technology – should be laid out when constructing your business. After all, fast and accurate communication with clients or co-workers speeds up project completion and attracts more customers through greater satisfaction rates arising from swift responses and clear messages exchange.

We are aware of the most urgent issues that landscape designers, drafting services, and AEC companies (architecture, engineering, and construction) deal with regularly, such as:

  1. Rapid collaboration is necessary.
  2. The ability to make changes to schematics and drawings on the fly.
  3. Authority over the project’s documentation.
  4. Invoicing is done quickly and precisely.

Architects, Engineers, and Construction professionals are searching for ways to use technology to improve the design process, quicken project completion timelines, and gain more time for other projects. At C.A. Reding, we help AEC professionals balance these goals.

With our selection of products and services—including office equipment like wide format printers and MFPs, document management software, scanning solutions, and more—you can finish and manage tasks fast so you can move on to the next. Utilizing a document security strategy, you can safeguard digitally stored intellectual property, such as documents, blueprints, contracts, and drawings.

Automate the examination and approval of proposals, engineering drawings, specifications, and other documents. You can benefit from early payment savings using automated digital workflows to expedite invoicing and approvals.

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How C.A. Reding Can Help Your AEC Firm

With our data capture tools, you can securely transform complex content such as emails, scanned timecards, drawings, and photographs into a unified system tailored to the requirements of your project. Streamline processes with ease, making sure that everything runs smoothly.

Unlock more time to focus on higher-level tasks and projects by streamlining your workflows with extensive customization options. Automate design approvals while improving efficiency and accelerating output – all without the hassle of manual processes.

Create top-notch blueprints, schematics, art renderings, and marketing materials in the office with our wide format print systems. Get those essential projects done quickly, make changes on the fly, and deliver a powerful visual impact.

Unleash the power of 24/7 printing and scanning from any location. Designers and project managers can tap into a world of possibilities with wireless access to print invoices, reports, renderings – anything! Elevate your productivity today with networked MFPs at your fingertips.

Keep your projects and departments organized with a multifunction printer’s sophisticated tracking functions. Get device-specific cost accounting for the ultimate in-budget insight.

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    Sergio Suarez
  • The customer service we receive from Paul Taniguchi has been nothing but the best. He's dependable and full of knowledge that we highly respect, value and trust. He goes above... read more

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  • Bill is the man and Lolo is awesome

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  • Great service from CA Reding, and Paul knows his stuff!

    Customer Service
  • I recently had the pleasure of experiencing top-notch service from Michael Brown for my printer, and I couldn't be more pleased with the results. Michael's professionalism, technical expertise, and commitment... read more

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    Jeff Goschen
  • Paul Taniguchi and Ricoh are amazing to work with. Professional, knowledgeable, helpful, and efficient.

    Duncan Hanon
  • Nothing but Excellence! Paul has been incredible to work with! Thanks for everything!


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