Buying local is more than just a trend. When it comes to your copiers, supporting a local vendor could easily be the best business decision you’ll make all year. With office locations in Fresno, Bakersfield, Modesto and Stockton, we got you covered.

10 Amazing Reasons to Buy Local

  1. Go local to get the best of two worlds: Industry-leading technology partners paired with local, personalized service.
  2. Local businesses care about their reputation in the community. They’ll go above and beyond to make certain your needs are met.
  3. Local businesses give back to the community. When you give them your support, they can pass it on to the organizations that help local community members in need.
  4. Local businesses mean local jobs. Not only does this help the community thrive, you have the assurance that the person you contact is local and understands your needs.
  5. If environmental sustainability is important to you, choosing your copiers from a local vendor can help you reach your goals.
  6. Local vendors help communities thrive. Their tax dollars and purchases contribute to local infrastructure and the health of the local business economy.
  7. Local dealers can also provide you with more options and choices in copiers and other equipment. A manufacturer-owned branch offers only one choice, which may not be the best one for your requirements.
  8. Local vendors can provide faster, more reliable customer service. And, with access to the latest training by industry-leading technology partners, you can be assured that your service technician is an expert in his craft.
  9. Billing issues can be frustrating, and trying to resolve them with a large, impersonal company can take months. Local dealerships can help you sort out problems quickly and efficiently.
  10. Big-box office supply stores may be okay if you’re just purchasing a desktop printer for your home office. For business needs, a local authorized dealer can provide the technologies you need, plus superior customer service.

For copiers and other office technologies to help your business succeed, contact us at C.A. Reding today!