Ink and toner is generally the most expensive part of printing. Saving a little here and a little there can add up to save you money quickly. Here are a few ways you can save ink and toner in your office.

1. Print in “Draft” Mode

If you’re simply reviewing documents or sharing training materials internally, there’s no reason to be printing in full resolution. Instead, set your printer to draft mode. This reduces the amount of ink your printer uses each time you print. Just remember to switch out of draft mode for marketing materials or anything not shared internally.

2. Reduce Laser Printer Resolution

Your laser printer has a resolution setting, and it’s likely set fairly high. This is good when you’re working on materials that need to be high-quality, but for internal documents and drafts, it’s better to lower the resolution to use less toner. This works in a similar way to using draft mode on an inkjet printer.

3. Print in Black-and-White

This is a go-to ink- and money-saving technique for printing. Sometimes, however, people don’t realize they’re not printing in black-and-white. Some colors may seem black on your printer, but are actually a dark blue or red. Consider copying and pasting text from websites and changing the color to black to be sure you’re not using any color ink.

4. Use an Eco-friendly Font

Download an eco-friendly font from the Internet like Ecofont. This font has tiny holes—unnoticeable to the bare eye—that reduces the amount of ink you use every single time you print.

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