A copier is a copier, right? It copies documents, what’s so great about that? There is nothing worse than hearing an organization spend thousands of dollars on office equipment and not understand the benefits and features these amazing machines have to offer! There is so much more to a copier than just buttons. If you already own a fleet of copiers or if you are in the market to purchase a new model, it would be beneficial for you to know what amazing features are available. Let us highlight some of the best features that these ever growing office machines bring to your organization.
Top features modern copier machines provide:
  • Automatic Copier Feeder – If you are copying large paper documents it can become mundane and frustrating to: stand at the copier, lift the cover, add a paper, straighten the paper, lower the cover, start copier and repeat for every single paper document. Automatic copier feeders allow you to load up to 50 pages onto the feeder and the copier will pull the document one by one automatically and copy the large document in no time.
  • Sorters And Finishers – Forget sorting bins, those are now a thing of the past! Modern copiers place copies on one tray at a right angle or offset from each other allowing the user to differentiate where one job ends and another begins. Finishers offer the option to staple, three-hole punch, saddle stitch binding, folding and more! Finisher options save time when copying many multi-page documents.
  • Power And Security – Modern copiers now come equipped with features that turn off your copier machines when not in use for a period. This feature saves money on electricity and also decreases wear and tear on your expensive office equipment. The security features include entering a secure code to receive your copies and faxes. This security feature helps remove the possibility of sensitive files being left on the copier tray and helps with print management to audit the volume of prints coming from each department.
  • Editing – Modern copiers can now make small edits to your printing jobs including numbering pages, adding date stamps and watermarks. Today’s copier machines can also edit and rotate your copier jobs to match the size of paper fed into the machine. This saves hundreds of dollars by eliminating misprints and offset printing.
Modern copier machines have changed the way we do business, we are more efficient and connect than ever before.
When searching for the right copier for your office, make sure to speak with a professional who can show you all of your options and explain every feature.
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