Are you providing the freshest water possible for your office staff? Many companies in Fresno use open reservoir water coolers that appear to provide fresh, pure water, but unfortunately, looks can be deceiving.

Trouble at the Water Cooler

There may be more trouble brewing at your water cooler than just a little harmless gossip. If you’re using the typical open reservoir system to provide drinking water to your staff members, you could be delivering a host of contaminants along with it.

  • The very nature of the open water reservoir allows contaminants to enter the water supply.
  • Anything that touches the water delivery nozzle—water bottles, glasses, hands—can expose the water supply to unhealthy contaminants.
  • Heavy water reservoirs also expose your company to liability when staff members are required to lift them onto the water cooler.

A Pure Office Water Solution

PHSI water uses a bottle-less, multi-stage purifier to deliver fresh, clean water to your staff members. With PHSI water, your water is purified at its point of use, with no way for contaminants to enter the system.

The four-stage Reserve Osmosis system creates pure, clean drinking water directly from your office’s tap water source. There’s no need to pay for or transport water to your location.

Here’s why PHSI water is a better solution:

  • A patented Ozone Sanitation process keeps the water fresh and oxygenated, giving it a clean, mountain spring taste.
  • A stainless steel storage tank keeps purified water fresh.
  • No quality monitoring is required, as your water is purified at the point of use.
  • One affordable monthly rate means no more fluctuating water delivery bills.
  • Because there’s no need to purchase water from an outside source, companies see savings of 20-50%.

To learn more about the benefits of PHSI water for your office staff, contact us at C.A. Reding Company for a free one week trial today!