Consolidate Your Information with a Document Management Program

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This is the challenge businesses face today—to take fragmented repositories of information and combine them into one, concise system. From copiers and fax machines to Microsoft Office and email, we expect these technologies to make our life simpler. Instead, they can tend to make it more complex.
Enter Document Management Programs
Many small businesses and corporate departments are enjoying the benefits of new document converging technology. Paper, digital and email documents are finally able to be handled by one system.
- Scanners and Multifunction Systems enable the rapid conversion of paper documents into common digital formats like PDF files. These documents can be sent as email attachments our directed to a network folder.
- Optical Character Recognition technologies convert scanned text into editable text. Documents can be scanned directly into applications like Microsoft Word where they can be edited.

- Electronic Document Management Systems provide a central repository for scanned images, electronic documents and emails. This means that you can find everything you need with one search.
Can Your Customer Service Be Improved by Document Management?
Fragmented systems delay customer service interactions and extend billing cycles. Misfiled information hampers audits and regulatory compliance efforts. Inaccessible information is not available to support management decisions.
You can take advantage of our expertise to help streamline the flow of information in your organization- and start being more productive today.