Take a minute to imagine the worst-case scenario. Imagine you arrive at your office in the morning, only your office isn’t there—at least, not the way it’s supposed to be. Maybe your plumbing broke, and everything is lost in a 5-foot pool of water. Maybe you’ve been vandalized, and your office is swept clean of computers, equipment, and printers. Or maybe a natural disaster occurred, and you’re stopping by to see how bad the damage is.

Whatever the cause of dramatic data loss, it is devastating to an unprepared or under-prepared company. If this worst-case scenario happens tomorrow, will you be ready?

Disaster Preparedness and Document Management

If you answered with anything other than a resounding YES, it’s time to start preparing. Research shows that companies rarely survive a significant loss of data; the University of Texas found that only 6% of these companies weather the loss.

Go back to the scenario. In this scenario, what have you lost:

  • Your paper documents like employee, customer, and billing records?
  • Your electronic documents on computers throughout your office?
  • Emails? Phone messages? Contacts?
  • Archived information and procedures, handbooks, and policies?

For too many offices, every single important piece of information is housed in the same place. That’s why document management is a necessity.

Document Management Keeps You Afloat

With document management, your information is backed up and secure. You don’t have to worry about natural disasters, vandalism, theft, hackers, or other nightmares. Your information is safe, which means that your business is safe.

Ensure your company’s survival with document management todayC.A. Reding will get you there.