Printing costs for a company can be expensive. When asked to evaluate printing costs, most people immediately think of the cost of an ink jet or laser printer cartridge. While cartridges definitely add to the overall printing costs, the total cost is much more than just printing supplies.
When evaluating printing costs, you must include hardware, service, IT support, vendor management, supply inventories and logistics. Much of this is hard to track, which is why we offer to manage your print services.

Distribution costs can also be very costly. In the total distribution cost you must include printing, preprinted forms, envelopes, folding and stuffing. By using electronic forms technology to send documents, you can eliminate many extra costs.
Management costs include the cost of folders, time to file documents, reorganizing drawers, moving old files, in addition to the large filing cabinets that take up space in your office building. An electronic management system would help eliminate these superfluous costs, and make it easier to find needed files.
We are able to help you accomplish these things and save you money. Contact us today to learn more.