Shelving your paper-based systems is a move in the right direction. You’ll reduce costs and speed up processes as a matter of course. But if you’re ready to go beyond the basic scan-and-store stage, you’ll want to find a document management solution that’s the best fit for your organization.

Three Critical Components

With so many document management offerings on the market, choosing the right one can be tricky. As Document Management Service providers, we’ve learned a few things over the years that we’re happy to share with you here.

1. You Need a Comprehensive Solution.

Document management systems are as diverse as the industries they serve. Some provide the basic service mentioned above—scanning and then organizing documents with a method similar to paper-based filing systems. Some systems improve upon this by focusing on workflows, and others include a records retention solution. While all of these methods improve upon paper filing systems, you’ll see the best ROI with a document management system that combines all three, helping your organization manage information from the time it enters your system until you no longer need it.

2. Look for Adaptability & Scalability

How many of your internal processes look anything like they did last year? You won’t be happy with a rigid document management solution that can’t adapt to your changing and growing business environment. Seek out adaptability and scalability for the best long-term return on your investment.

3. Document Flexibility

The most successful document management solutions can manage all of your documents, no matter how they enter your system. Seek out software solutions that go beyond the basics, and that can intelligently index and store all of your documents, whether they enter through a local drive or a client email.

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