Does your business need color laser printer capabilities but you think you can’t afford it? If you’ve decided color is out of the budget, you’ll want to take a second look at the latest in office equipment technology.

Is Color Printing Out of Your League?

If you think color laser printer is out of your league, maybe you’ve just been given some bad information. Here are a few of the common misperceptions that may have lead you to believe that color is too expensive for small to medium business use.

  1. If you’ve ever owned a desktop inkjet color printer, you learned quickly that a low sticker price from a big box office equipment store is only half of the story. After what seemed like only a few color prints, a low-ink warning reminded you that you’d have to replace those high-dollar ink cartridges very soon. No wonder you think color printing is too expensive!
  2. When your color printing turned out to be too costly, did you resort to outsourced color printing? The price you paid may have seemed relatively affordable compared to your desktop inkjet prints. Unfortunately, outsourcing may have meant you needed to order higher quantities than you needed. Or perhaps the print shop’s schedule caused you to miss a critical deadline. In any case, there’s a better, more affordable option than either a personal printer or outsourcing.

Yes, You Can

–afford color, that is. Many companies just like yours have discovered that there is a way to afford color printing. An in-house color copier or multifunction printer is capable of delivering high-quality color images at a price that fits tight budgets. Even better, an MFP can replace four other office equipment technologies, including your existing printer, copier, scanner, and fax.

To find out how your company can bring affordable color printing in-house, contact us at C.A. Reding today.