If your copiers are in the five-to-ten-year range, you’re probably thinking about an upgrade. Even if your imaging equipment is still cranking out documents, there are plenty of other reasons to get busy replacing them. We’ll go over a few of the most compelling reasons in the blog today.

Old Equipment is Expensive

Your imaging technologies may still work (in a manner of speaking), but they may also be the cause of the decreased productivity and higher operating costs you’ve noticed lately.

1. Downtime is expensive. It can be a challenge to quantify the true cost of equipment downtime, but the repair invoice is just the beginning. Anytime your staff can’t complete their tasks; you’re losing money. And it should go without saying that any equipment downtime that gets between your company and excellent customer service is a serious problem.

2. Energy is expensive. Most of us look at our energy bill as an expense we can’t change, but that’s not true. Those ENERGY STAR certifications on the latest printers and copiers deliver a host of power-saving features that can put a dent in your monthly bill.

3. Security vulnerabilities are expensive. Without the latest security protocols, your multifunction printers and copiers can provide hackers access to your networks and your data. A data breach is the fastest method ever discovered to put your company out of business forever. By waiting too long to upgrade your MFPs and copiers, you are essentially risking everything.

4. Repairs are expensive. At some point, replacement parts and software updates (if they’re even available) can outpace the cost of replacing the device. Don’t throw good money after bad when an upgrade would deliver so many great benefits.

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