Today’s businesses exist in a highly competitive market where quality, efficiency, and customer service have to be top-notch to rise above the fray. Information has to stay relevant and updated at all times and has to be available to customers at a moment’s notice, especially in industries like financial services or insurance.

But maintaining, accessing, updating and sharing records isn’t easy. In fact, the amount of time and money that companies spend simply managing the ocean of files they house is astounding—and costly. Efficient management of information can dramatically improve customer service, making it essential to differentiating yourself from your competition. That’s why document management is the obvious choice for so many companies.

Control the paper madness with document management

We’ve all been there before: on the phone with a customer, frantically sifting through files and stacks of paper looking for the right information. This doesn’t inspire customer confidence, especially when the file you can’t seem to find contains their sensitive or personal information.

When you can retrieve customer information within seconds, you’ll impress your clients and save valuable time. The stress level of employees will go down, as well as customer frustration. Document management turns your customers into lifers when they know they can trust you to manage securely, maintain, and retrieve their valuable information.

How document management works

So how does document management work? Can a simple system really accomplish all of this?

At its most basic, document management is a software system designed specifically to improve the security, accessibility, and usability of your documents. Here’s how it works.

  • Easy search functions for fast results. Rather than looking through filing cabinets or piles of paper on desks, you can simply type keywords into your document management system. It takes seconds.
  • Powerful indexing. With keyword and document type indexing, you’ll find what you need every time.
  • Secure storage. You can rest easy knowing that sensitive information is safe with access control and excellent security.
  • Enhanced regulatory compliance. Show required documents, including audit trails and revision histories, whenever you need to.

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