If you’ve been giving your full attention to growing your business, it’s unlikely that you’ve given a lot of thought to your printers and copiers. If they’re getting the job done, what more can you expect from them? The answer is a simple one: A lot more.

Is It Past Time?

Are your printers and copiers obsolete? Here are a few telltale signs that they may be overdue for replacement.

1. Workflow bottlenecks— Aging printers and copiers can be the source of slow, steady drops in productivity that can go unnoticed over time. Replacing those older devices with the latest imaging technologies can help your business see a sharp increase in productivity.

2. Mounting repair costs— As your copiers age, the cost of repairs and parts can quickly outstrip their total worth. By replacing them with new devices, your company can redirect those funds toward capital projects. You’ll also experience fewer downtimes and the associated monetary losses that accompany them.

3. Security concerns— When networked copiers and printers aren’t up to date with the latest security features, they can present dangerous vulnerabilities. The most recent security technologies provide a buffer between your data and unauthorized users seeking access to your networks.

4. Inadequate features— The best copiers include robust features to help your staff work faster and with greater efficiency. Why pay a talented employee to hole-punch, collate, and staple a report when a multifunction copier can do all of that and more automatically? Today’s copiers provide fast output speeds, sharp text, and impressive color along with digital solutions to keep your projects moving forward.

Every Five Years

A good rule of thumb to follow is to replace your organization’s copiers and printers every five years. You’ll have access to the latest technologies, experience fewer downtimes, and save money on expensive emergency repairs.

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