Your company has done everything possible to protect your desktop computers from outside threats, and for years, that was enough to keep your data safe. But things have changed.

Ever-changing threats to your confidential data means you need to do more to protect what belongs to you. From BYOD-related issues to cloud technology, it’s not enough to have virus protection on your computers.

Advances in technology have brought new opportunities for business growth, but they’ve also brought new vulnerabilities that business owners need to address.

Protecting Your Office Equipment

Any device that connects to your company’s network is a potential portal for cyber criminals. In today’s office environment, that includes much of your office equipment. Today’s high-tech multifunction printers and copiers are nothing like yesterday’s devices, with their one and done functionality.

Multifunction devices operate much like a computer to deliver the digital workflow solutions many companies use on a daily basis. With built-in hard drives and network connectivity, they provide more than one way for hackers to access your vital data. Here’s what you’re up against:

1. Hard Drive Vulnerabilities

Multifunction printers and copiers work the way they do because of an internal hard drive. Much like your computer, this type of office equipment stores a copy of every image that passes through its scanner or arrives via email or fax. Security issues arise when hard drives are not protected, like during end-of-lease scenarios. Businesses need to have assurances that data overwrite or hard drive scrubbing takes place when the MFP leaves their location.

2. Network Vulnerabilities

Hackers can access your network via unprotected office equipment. Work with your equipment provider to make sure your devices include the latest in user authentications, data encryption, and advanced software solutions.

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