We have all dealt with common Copier Equipment related problems. They can be annoying, especially if they hinder your ability to complete your current project.

Copy machines and printers are the primary tools in business, as they allow you to create documents. Documents are the vessels by which we communicate information, between employees, and to clients and customers.

Without these tools, we would not be able to produce documents, and thus business would slow to a standstill.

There are many reasons that copiers encounter problems. Most of them stem from Copier Equipment seeing a significant amount of use over the years without receiving proper maintenance and care.

These problems are not entirely avoidable, however they can usually be tempered by implementing proper procedure.

Here are some of the more common copier problems, and the reasons that they occur:

  • Blank Copies: When your copies come out completely blank, this is because the laser diode unit has failed, which prevents the copier from projecting images onto the paper to print.
  • Off Center Copies: This is one of the more common copier problems, and is caused by improper alignment of the paper tray.
  • Burning Smell: When paper becomes stuck in the fusing unit, it oftentimes gives off the smell of burning.

Often times this comes from a failure of the tension springs.

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