Old copy machines and multifunction printers change hands quite often. Once your lease is up or you are ready to sell your old equipment to upgrade, there is a plethora of information just sitting on your devices, waiting for someone with a little bit of knowledge and software that can be obtained for free online. There are a few easy ways to help safeguard your data from those who are seeking to exploit it.

Erase Hard Drive: Copy machine sand Multifunction printers produced in the past ten years most likely have a built in memory system. This allows for the instant retrieval of previously scanned documents, without the need of the original.
Use Data Security Kits: Utilizing a data security kit will further protect your data and ensure that files cannot be accessed or recovered, even after deletion.
Replace Your Hard Drive: If you are really worried about talented hackers getting ahold of your data, the safest route is to replace the hard drive in your device altogether. This ensures your data stays safe and cannot be retrieved.

These are just a few of the ways you can ensure your data is safe, even after you sell your copy machine. Contact us today to learn more about how you can ensure your data is always secure with CA Reding!