Presentations generally are a strong method to express a message to a audience or to your clientele. Normally, presentations are a more personalized method of interacting compared to email or other types of office discussion. It permits the audience to observe a more personal part of the presenter and furthermore can help to make the audience feel more involved and interested.
But just what are some factors that a terrific presenter really does properly and, at other times, a poor speaker can improve on? Particularly, just how does a solid presenter’s layout of the presentation enhance the level of quality of the message? While the list could be endless, we’ve recognized a few do’s and don’ts of presentation layout.

Do utilize color to connect.
Do always keep your color scheme basic (sorry, no aqua green!).
Don’t neglect how shades work together with one another.
Don’t blend too many colors.


Do keep your information straightforward and to the point.
Do take advantage of bullet points.
Do restrict the number of slides and words on each slide.
Don’t overpower your audience with your slides.


Do get started with an introduction slide.
Do use titles, sections, and dividers.
Don’t clutter slides with unnecessary components.
Don’t stray from the topic or appropriate subject matter.
Don’t overdo it on design and format.

Armed with these useful suggestions, you can now be more comfortable with putting together a fantastic presentation. Get in touch with us to learn more!