Managed print services allow business and company owners the chance to have important project completed. These services are essentially ways to have printing needs outsourced. Small businesses benefit from managed services, especially when they have few employees. Larger businesses find these services helpful, as well.

They are ways to monitor spending as it relates to printing. You will also be able to ensure that you are only printing what you need. This lessens overall waste in this area. According to, America consumes 30% of the world’s paper usage. Many materials printed on a regular basis will be discarded within 48 hours. These operation habits lead to a lot of waste, over-spending and time from other work. A good way to prepare for your large print projects is to consider the benefits of managed services.

Document Management

Large print projects fit into a number of categories. These are documents that may be needed monthly, semi-annually or annually. Here are some of the projects that can be outsourced through managed services:

  • Presentation Documents
  • Business Reports
  • Annual Records
  • Financial Records

Companies that provide managing services are able to store your documents. This allows you the ability to access them whenever they are needed. At the same time, you can make changes to certain documents. These capabilities come in handy when large print projects are required. There is an efficiency component to these services, as well. Your onsite staff can be utilized in other areas instead of to print projects.

Storage Capabilities

Storage is often a concern when it comes to printed materials. It is necessary to purchase equipment for this sort of storage. There is also a security concern involved with storing documents onsite. When documents are stored electronically, it is possible to keep them more secure. Even if your business is limited in this area, it is possible to enjoy storage through managed services. This gives you the opportunity to see who accesses documents, as well as, avoiding onsite storage.

There is a list of benefits related to having your print projects outsourced. It is not necessary to store these materials onsite. It is also not necessary to worry when disasters like flooding or fire affect your office. Managed print services allow businesses and offices a measure of security when it comes to maintaining and accessing documents. You will find that outsourcing large print projects saves you both time and money.

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