In the past, many organizations sought Document Management service providers to help them simplify workflows, improve productivity, and gain efficiency. They were right to do so.

Document Management system can provide your Fresno company with the tools you need to replace cumbersome paper-based processes and storage systems with electronic files that are easier to access, store, and share.

An Emphasis on Security

The recent onslaught of high-profile security breaches has brought data security and client privacy to the forefront.

With new malware and virus threats numbering in the millions in 2015, businesses are hard-pressed to stay ahead of criminal activity. Small to medium businesses are increasingly the favored target for hackers, and with fewer resources to protect their networks, wise SMBs are seeking the assistance of expert Document Management service providers.

Your Obligations

It’s important to protect your Fresno company’s financial information, business plans and trade secrets from unauthorized users. But you’re well aware that your obligations go well beyond your own proprietary information. Businesses have moral and legal obligations to protect data provided to them by customers as well. Understanding those obligations is critical.

  • What kind of information does your company handle?
  • What regulations exist that apply to sensitive client data?
  • What staff members are authorized to handle sensitive customer information?
  • What are the requirements for third-party viewing of client data?

Knowing the answers to these and other security-related questions require a thorough knowledge of the compliance regulations that apply to your situation.

Compliance Is Required

Following the laws and industry standards that apply to your data is your responsibility. A secure Document Management can help ensure regulatory compliance by keeping your data secure and providing clear audit trails showing who accessed files, what changes were made, and when it happened.

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