Businesses who fail to seek out innovative methods to serve tech-savvy customers may be in for a rude awakening. Companies who cling to slow paper-based processes may be unwittingly sending their customers to competitors who’ve willingly embraced digital processes.

Is Digital Customer Service Really Better?

When employees don’t have everything they need to answer client inquiries, customer service plummets. Most of the time, customers who contact your company via phone are doing so to save time; they’d like to know if a product or service is available before they spend their valuable resources pursuing what could be a dead end. If all you provide them with are more questions, they’re very likely to take their business elsewhere.

A Real-Life Example

In one example, a retailer was unable to locate a part for a call-in customer. The retailer requested that the customer either visit the local store in person or provide a part number over the phone. In the end, the customer found the information online and placed his order with a large retailer promising free two-day shipping. In this case, an electronic Document Management system would have put the required part number, as well as information about the product’s availability, at the local retailer’s fingertips. The small business, rather than the large online company, would have made the sale and retained a formerly loyal customer—a golden opportunity if there ever was one.

Lesson learned? Today’s customers have lots of options, and they’re not going to remain loyal to businesses who wait too long to embrace digital document management solutions.

The Document Management Solution

Fortunately, electronic Document Management can provide a solution for your 21st-century customer service problems. Here’s how:

  • Digitize customer-centric procedures and documents to speed up the initial contact phase and respond to inquiries with greater efficiency.
  • Centralize and manage customer transactions from start to finish.
  • Digitize inventories to make it easier to locate products, parts, and related services.

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