In the market for a new business copier? We know that the options can be overwhelming, especially given the wide range of features, prices and functions. There are as many kinds of copiers as there are businesses, and some are better suited than others for your company. Ultimately, you need to make an informed decision when you buy a copier.

Here are the common mistakes that businesses make when purchasing a copier, and how to avoid them.

1. Going Black-and-White

It’s an age-old myth that color is too expensive. Frankly, the cost of your ink depends on what copier you purchase. Color is an essential tool for a company’s marketing and internal communication strategy, so many businesses use color regardless of their copier’s capabilities. This leads to expensive outsourcing that could avoided with a color copier used wisely.

2. Over or Underbuying

Make sure you’re asking questions throughout your search to be sure you’re purchasing the right device for your company. It’s common to underbuy to save money, but as illustrated with the color copying scenario, this usually ends up being a more expensive option. On the there hand, overbuying is also common, since some features and options are enticingly novel. Work with a trusted retailer to be sure you’re getting the right product.

3. Buying from a Discount Store

It’s tempting to walk into the nearest big box office supply store and pick a model off the shelves. There are several big problems with this approach. First, the salespeople at these stores are often less than knowledgeable about the many products on their shelves. Second, they generally stock the lower end models at high-end prices. Work with a local company to avoid buying a lemon.