If you’re a business owner or manager, you’re no stranger to the work-induced nightmare. Do you wake up in a sweat from a dream about a flood reducing your company’s data to a soggy pulp?

We can help you sleep easy. Document management is an incredibly popular option for Fresno businesses, and it should be a serious consideration for you. Have you looked into the options that document management has to offer?

Document Management 101

If you’re on the fence about document management, it’s time to look at the facts closely. Although digital document manager may seem like a new-fangled idea, it’s a simple, smart solution that warrants a close look.

Disaster Recovery

Whether the disaster you fear is flood, fire, or theft, your physical documents are often unsafe. Even your digital documents share some of these paper vulnerabilities if they’re saved to only one hard drive in your office. If you woke up tomorrow to find your office flooded and every computer ruined, how much information would you lose? Would your company survive? Document management is the best way to ensure that a disaster doesn’t spell closure for your company.

Regular Backups

One of the best things about digital document management is that you can regularly back up every file your employees create to a cloud-based server. This means that your information isn’t stored in only one place. When the worst happens, your files will be safe and accessible, even without a physical office space.

Internal and External Security

Did you know that internal errors and attacks are a leading cause of information loss? Whether it’s an employee accidentally deleting a file or a disgruntled worker deliberately stealing information, your files need to be protected from both the inside and the outside. Document management makes it easy to set document permissions and access full accounts of edits, changes, or document activity.

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