Ricoh Copier:

When you find a reliable and versatile copier that can handle various tasks and documents, you can look no further than Ricoh copiers. As a leading office equipment manufacturer, Ricoh offers a range of printers and copiers designed to meet diverse needs and budgets. In this article, we will explore the features and benefits of Ricoh copiers, highlighting how they can enhance productivity and connectivity while ensuring top-notch security.

Scan to Email and Scan to Folder: Effortless Document Management

One of the convenient features of Ricoh copiers is the ability to scan documents directly to email or folder destinations. This time-saving capability eliminates unnecessary printing, allowing you to swiftly share scanned documents with recipients or store them in your network.

Streamline Communication

With the scan-to-email feature, you can send your scanned documents to any email address with simple steps. This eliminates the hassle of printing, scanning, and attaching documents to emails, saving you time and paper. You can also create an address book with frequently used email addresses for easy access.

With the scan-to-folder feature, you can store your scanned documents in a shared folder on your network, making them accessible to authorized users. This simplifies document management and collaboration, as you can easily organize and retrieve your scanned files.

Customizable Settings

You can tailor your scanning experience with customizable settings such as resolution, file format, color mode, and compression level. These options ensure optimized quality and document size according to your specific requirements. For example, you can choose a high-resolution and color mode for scanning photos or a low-resolution and black-and-white mode for scanning text documents. You can also select the file format that suits your needs, such as PDF, JPEG, TIFF, or XPS.

Seamless Integration

To utilize the scan-to-email functionality, you must configure your Ricoh copier’s email settings, including the SMTP server, sender address, and authentication method. You can also set up notifications for successful or failed scans and limit the size of attachments.

To use the scan-to-folder feature, you must create a shared folder on your network and register it on your Ricoh copier. You can also assign a username and password for security purposes. Depending on the model, you can register up to 2,000 folders on your Ricoh copier.

Fax to Folder: Paperless Fax Management

Another helpful feature of Ricoh copiers is the ability to fax documents directly to a folder on your network. This means you can receive faxes without printing them, saving paper and toner. You can also view and manage your faxes on your computer or mobile device, making organizing and archiving them easier.

Paper and Toner Savings

With the fax-to-folder feature, you can reduce paper consumption and waste by receiving faxes electronically. This also saves toner costs and maintenance fees associated with printing faxes. You can also avoid losing or misplacing essential faxes by storing them digitally.

Enhanced Organization

You can view and manage received faxes conveniently on your computer or mobile device using a web browser or an app. You can also sort, search, rename, delete, or move your faxes to different folders according to your preferences. Also, you can print or forward your faxes if you need them.

Effective Notifications

You can configure notifications for incoming faxes, such as email alerts or pop-up messages on your computer or mobile device. This ensures you always receive critical communication and respond promptly. You can also set up notifications for low storage space or errors.

Document Server: Convenient Document Storage

A document server is a feature that allows you to store documents on your Ricoh copier’s hard disk for later use. You can use the document server to store frequently used documents, such as forms, templates, or reports, and print them on demand. You can edit, delete, rename, or move your stored documents using the copier’s control panel or web browser.

On-Demand Printing

With the document server feature, you can save time and effort by storing frequently used documents on your Ricoh copier’s hard disk. This allows you to print these documents on demand without accessing them from other sources. For example, you can store application forms or invoices on the document server and print them whenever needed.

Easy Management

You can easily manage your stored documents using the copier’s intuitive control panel or web browser interface. You can edit, delete, rename, or move your stored documents. You can also create folders and subfolders to organize your documents according to categories.

Ample Storage Capacity

Depending on the model of your Ricoh copier, you can store up to 3,000 documents or 9,000 pages on the document server, ensuring quick access to essential files. You can also set a password to access the document server for security purposes.

Smart Panel: Customize and Extend Functionality

A smart panel is a feature that allows you to customize the user interface of your Ricoh copier’s control panel. You can use the smart panel to download new software and apps that enhance the functionality of your copier. For example, you can download apps that allow you to print from cloud services, such as Google Drive or Dropbox, or scan documents directly to cloud storage. Using wireless connectivity, you can also download apps that allow you to print from mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets.

Personalized User Interface

With the smart panel feature, you can customize the user interface of your Ricoh copier’s control panel according to your preferences. You can change the control panel’s layout, icons, colors, and fonts, making it more user-friendly and appealing. You can also create shortcuts and widgets for frequently used functions or apps.

Cloud Integration

You can use the smart panel to download apps that facilitate printing directly from cloud services such as Google Drive or Dropbox. This allows you to access and print your documents from anywhere, anytime, without transferring them to a USB drive or emailing them. Additionally, using your Ricoh copier, you can scan documents seamlessly to cloud storage solutions, such as OneDrive or Box.

Mobile Connectivity

With the help of downloadable apps, you can print documents wirelessly from your mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets, using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity. This enhances convenience and flexibility, as you can print from anywhere within the network range. You can also use your mobile device as a remote control for your Ricoh copier, adjusting settings and checking status.


Ricoh copiers offer intelligent and secure solutions for all your printing needs. With features like scan to email, scan to folder, fax to folder, document server, and smart panel, Ricoh empowers businesses to enhance productivity and connectivity while maintaining top-notch document security. If you’re interested in exploring the possibilities offered by Ricoh copiers and finding the best model for your business, contact us today for a free consultation. Streamline your document management with Ricoh’s smart and secure copier solutions.