Paperless invoicing is quickly becoming a go-to option for businesses looking to reduce printing. Making the switch to paperless invoicing has many benefits, from cost savings to improved turnaround time. It is also very simple to set up paperless invoicing, regardless of your current document management system. Paperless invoicing is a green printing habit that cuts costs and benefits the environment.
Some of the additional benefits of paperless invoicing include:

Lower Costs: Save money by cutting out printing and delivery related costs. Digital delivery makes sending invoices a free, simple, and streamlined process!
Improve Customer Service: Improve turn around times by digitally sending your invoices and remove the problem of issues with traditional mailing processes both to and from your customers.
Streamline Invoicing: Digitally distributing invoices not only is great for your clients, but it also ensures that invoices can be created and sent from your desktop, taking out the steps in between.

Going paperless has a number of other benefits as well, including enhancing your green initiatives and optimizing other document processes within your business. By taking the first step towards going paperless, you are now primed to make additional upgrades in your office such as implementing electronic forms and installing a full digital document management system.
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