It should be here by now, and there’s no doubt we have the capability. Nonetheless, the paperless office not only continues to elude American businesses, but we’re also using paper more than ever before.

How’s That Again?

Whether it’s easy to access printers or just absent-mindedness, we’re not doing a superb job of thinking before we hit PRINT. Consider these astonishing statistics:

  • Americans are off the scale when it comes to paper consumption; an average year sees us using almost 505 pounds each.
  • The United States holds the world record for paper production, outpacing the second-place holder by 2.7 times.

Waste at the Office

Our office processes are nothing to brag about when it comes to green practices. We copy documents at an average rate of 10 times each, gobble through 10,000 sheets of copy paper per office worker every year, and throw 45% of it away by day’s end.

It’s pretty clear we’re not trying very hard to turn things around. The good news in the mix is this: A solution is readily available, and it works.

The Document Management Solution

It’s impossible to miss that paperless efforts are popping up all around us. Banks offer online bill-pay and statements, and most retailers provide paperless receipt options. On-table kiosks make it easy for restaurant users to order and pay without paper, and online shopping eliminates everything from paper purchase orders to invoices and receipts.

In the office, electronic document management makes it easy to skip out on paper:

  • Automate and digitize paper-heavy tasks.
  • Use electronic signatures, fillable forms, and digital contracts to eliminate paper files and speed up approval processes.
  • Scanning features on multifunction systems make it simple to share documents without the need for paper copies.

The right document management system can help your organization go green, reduce costs, and improve productivity—all at the same time. To learn more, contact us at C.A. Reding today!