My last couple blogs have been about the unseen costs of printing and the benefits of color. So how can you responsibly incorporate color printing into your business plan without running up costs?
1. Reduce Use of Ink Jet Printers
Inexpensive to purchase, inkjet printers are actually the most expensive color output devices to operate. This goes hand-in-hand with office supply stores advertisements focusing on their high profit ink jet cartridges. While convenient for small home office print jobs, ink jet printers become inefficient, slow and costly when running lengthy full color documents.
2. Cut back on Unnecessary Background Color
Documents with solid color backgrounds use significantly more toner and increase the cost of printing. Instead, use bright colors on a white background. Your handouts will be easier to read and look more professional.

3. Invest in a Color Multifunction System (MFP)
For about the same investment in a traditional black-and-white copier, consider a color-enabled MFP. An MFP will allow you to print, copy and scan full-color documents at a much lower cost and at increased speed compared to ink jet or laser printers.
Reducing printing costs, increasing productivity and efficiency, and exhibiting professionalism with color can be easy with the right tools and strategic business plan.