There’s a reason why everyone else is doing it.

Some people may ask why most businesses are beginning to implement an electronic document management system when hard copy documents have driven businesses for years?  These electronic systems provide searchable access to scanned information, create a disaster recovery plan and ensure government regulatory compliance.  All these things enable better business decisions and smoother customer service interactions. 

Many businesses are under the incorrect assumption that paper documents are somehow free.  The fact is that the cost of managing paper documents may be more expensive than digital management alternatives.

The Cost of Paper Filing Consider an average three-drawer filing cabinet.  You have the cost of the actual cabinet, the cost of the folders, the cost of the paper prints and copies, and the cost of renting a space to keep the cabinet.  Then you have to take in consideration the time it takes to copy, categorize and file documents in paper folders.  Every time you need information you’ll have to physically search for the documents that could easily have been misfiled or misplaced. Documents can be stolen; fires, floods or other natural disasters can wipe out your entire business. Fortunately, there is a better way.

Electronic document management technologies allow you to create a secure and searchable archive of your business information.  One 100 GB disk can store over 2,000,000 pages of information and replace over 100 filing cabinets.  Documents can be shared over networks so even if one computer is lost, the information isn’t.

What seems to be the better option to you?


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