Borrowing, lending or sneaking. Call it what you will it’s still stealing! A 2013 AOL Job survey showed 43% of people admitted to taking things from work to keep for personal use and 8% of people claimed to have stolen items valued over $50. Taking a notepad or ink cartridge from work is still considered stealing. If the object you are taking is company property and you knowingly take it for personal use, you have just committed larceny. Taking an employees sandwich might start an argument but taking valuables from the office will get you terminated and possibly arrested. With the rise of online marketplaces, such as, stolen company property is sold faster than the company has time to prove it was stolen.
Here are some tips to prevent office theft:
  • Mark your office valuables in some distinctive fashion. Engraving helps prevent theft because the mark cannot be removed easily.
  • Avoid theft opportunity. Do not leave valuables unattended, or cabinets unlocked.
  • Keep an inventory of all equipment and supplies. If you know what supplies you have in the office it makes it easier for ordering supplies and tracking missing items.
  • Consider internal “keyless” lock systems. Studies prove that 30% of business thefts and burglaries are accomplished by using duplicate key. It’s best to change your security codes and keys every year to avoid this problem.
  • Have a single monitored entrance and exit. Monitored exits deter the thieves from taking anything they can get caught leaving with.
  • Lock supplies cabinets when not in use. If employees have to ask for a key they are less likely to take more supplies than needed.
  • Hire people you trust and always perform a background check before employment.
  • Whenever possible lock office doors and access points when not in use.
  • Report any missing supplies or equipment that has been removed from its designated spot.
  • Office theft training. Thieves are less likely to steal if they know they are being watched.
Taking a pen or borrowing extra toner cartridges doesn’t seem like a huge deal until you see the amount of money your business is losing every day. To learn how to protect your office systems or digital files, submit an INSTANT QUOTE!