As your business grows, and office expands you should be thinking about what kind of effect your organization and daily tasks have on our environment. Between the magnitudes of office equipment plugged in, idle computer screens, misprints, wasted paper and overhead lights you could be using more energy than you need. Some companies have no idea how much electricity or supplies they use daily, so there is no surprise that they have no idea how much effect they have on the environment.
Here are some surprising facts about carbon footprint and business functions:
  • An estimated 10,000 sheets of copy paper will be used per employee every year.
  • The average ream of paper (500 sheets) uses 6% of a tree.
  • To produce one ton of copier paper, 11,134 kilowatt-hours are used in the process.
  • 5,690 pounds of greenhouse gases are produced during the production of one ton of copy paper.
  • A laser printer costs more electricity to run than the computer does.
  • A laser printer uses 1,568 kilowatt-hours a year costing business owners $94.68 in electricity.
Here are ways the modern office can not only save money but also reduce carbon footprint:
  • Today’s multifunction printers only use 119 kilowatt-hours a year costing a measly $7.18 a year.
  • Energy Star appliances and office equipment can save you even more on electricity.
  • Today’s printers can be equipped with access codes that need to be entered to receive your print job.
  • Modern printers can be operated using different performance modes, some of which turn off the printer when not in use for an extended period of time.
  • Reduce waste by implementing electronic document management services.
  • Consolidate multiple machines into one or two energy saving multifunction printers.
  • Practice recycling in the office including paper, toner, cardboard, plastic and metals.
  • Buying recycled material help keep greenhouse gasses to a minimum when processing the material to make the recycled goods.
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