Today, our society is finally beginning to realize the negative impact it’s making on the world.

Organizations are finding ways to help the environment by promoting eco-friendly practices.

This is an excellent step in the right direction. However, the term “going green” is a buzzword that’s been used a lot lately.

So how does one know that a business a truly serious about the environment? The answer is: Green Office Certification.

At C.A. Reding, our Green Office Certification demonstrates our dedication to helping the environment.

Here are some more details about what it means to be Green Office Certified:

  • What it does – With our certification, we help businesses consolidate their green initiatives into one easy to track solution.
  • What it is – Green Office Certification falls into four different categories. Businesses that utilize all four areas receive the C.A. Reding certification.
  • How it can help your company – Not only does it help the environment, it tells clients that “going green” is more than just a buzzword to your company. This certification pledges your loyalty to the public that your business is changing the world for the better.

The best part about being Green Office Certified is that it saves money and boosts sales.

This is possible due to the four criteria of the certification, which reduces: waste, paper usage, power consumption and expenses. Helping the environment can help your business in the best ways imaginable. There is reason why so many organizations have become Green Office Certified. The next one can be you.

So what are you waiting for?

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