In today’s competitive business environment, it is critical to get the highest possible return from customer communications like invoices, proposals and marketing materials.
Recent research indicates that using color and graphics in written communication boosts interest, enhances retention, improves comprehension and persuades more easily.
Neurological and psychological research has shown that the impact of color is significant and largely unconscious. Studies have shown that as much as 60% of consumers decide to purchase a new product based on its color rather than quality, workmanship or price guarantee.
The results of the study, found in The Definitive Guide to Office Color Printing by Don Jones, revealed the following powerful benefits of communicating with color:

• Color improves comprehension by 75%.
• Color increases retention 40%.
• Color accelerates learning by 20%.
According to marketing specialist Kathleen H. Seelye, “A photo can result in a 130% increase in retention.”
A study conducted by the University of Minnesota found that the use of simple graphics increases the persuasiveness of a message. To measure the effect, they asked a group of people to read a passage of text and rate it for persuasiveness. Then, they had another group rate the exact same text, only this time the material included a graphic. The score jumped by 47%!
According to Linda Stern, another study has shown that invoices that use color to highlight the all-important balance due section are paid up to 30% more quickly than boring black-and-white statements.
Today, color output is more than a convenience—it is necessary to present a competitive image.