jet printers.  Did you realize that it costs around $2,800.00 a gallon for this ink?  With expenses like this, it’s not surprising that many new computers now include a color ink jet printer for free—the computer company will probably make more of a profit on replacement cartridges than they did on the original computer.

So how does this affect you?

Ink jet printers may make sense for casual use at home but they can be a huge burden to office budgets. More and more businesses are realizing that a color multifunction system is a smart part of a cost reduction strategy.

Lower your Cost per Page 

Color multifunction systems provide output at a fraction of the cost of ink jet printers.  Using an ink jet printer can cost you up to 80 cents per page whereas color multifunction systems operate at fixed costs of less than 10 cents per page.

Increase Speed and Improve Quality

Color MFPs print at up to 35 pages per minute and in brilliant color.  As well as being painfully slow, color ink jet printers need to use expensive paper to produce a professional image. Enhance Business Processes: Many color multifunction systems incorporate scanning, copying and even faxing that will increase business efficiency.