It’s a golden age for photography, given the affordability and accessibility of today’s cameras and editing software. With the Internet and many hours of practice, you can easily teach yourself to be a professional photographer.

Are you on your way to becoming a professional photographer? You’ve got the cameras, the lenses, the flashes, the tripods, and the website. But what about prints?

Wide Format Printers for Photographers

In this digital age of photography, many photographers forget that clients are still enamored with prints. Why pay for a photoshoot if not to receive gorgeous, full-size prints? Photographers that don’t offer print options are often missing a key revenue option.

But if you choose to offer print services to your clients, you shouldn’t pay the markup associated with hiring out your prints. You’ll lose money in the end since your clients could simply do the same and order through someone else. To make money on prints, you need to have high-quality in-house printing. That’s where the wide format printer comes in.

Here are just a few of the ways photographers use wide format printers.

Offer Prints to Clients

As already discussed, many photographers are offering print packages to clients, sometimes including framing. This can add value to your product, and as a bonus, you can ensure high-quality prints to serve as an advertisement of your work hung in local living rooms.

Sell Photography Prints

Prints of local landmarks and landscapes are big sellers. Offer your photography in stunning prints at art fairs, markets, and in stores.


What better way to advertise your work than to show it in large, full-color prints? Whether you’re setting up a booth at a local business fair or filling up your portfolio, high-quality prints are a must.

Photographers can benefit significantly from owning a wide format printer. Contact us to learn more.